Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day Two

Today was definitely a hard day, or at least the second part of it. In the morning, I did more walking to get my parking pass and fix up some tax papers. The tax papers were not fixed though, so I have to do more walking some other day. Anyways, back in the lab, Simran and I continued helping Libby out on his project. Basically, we finished organizing four tests on Excel, and then tried to figure out how to graph them on Matlab. Unfortunately, both of us have very little knowledge of programming, so Libby had to help us out a lot. After several hours of staring at the screen, getting error messages, and googling, we got the program down (almost, there is one last problem we still have to solve). I was excited to learn a bit about programming, because I wanted to learn it for a while now. Hopefully tomorrow will be a lot better, and maybe we will get through a big chunk of the data. Now I have to research the question of the day: why does vision sometimes fail?

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