Monday, July 22, 2013

Day Eleven

Susan and Jeff (our advisors) weren't here...and we needed them badly. Simran and I got our research ideas down, but we need approval. So instead we researched a little, and then talked about the ideas. Then we spent some time talking to Sarah. Around 11, we found Preeti and she taught us how to use a wearable eye tracker. That gave us something to do. After lunch, Simran and I did Susan's experiment of Robert. While waiting on him, Simran and I played hangman. That was fun.....currently I am the winner. Then, Simran, Sarah and I attempted to find Java's.... but we failed, and decided to head back. Then we found Robert's popsicles (and moved them) and ate some. Then we got back to work, learned how to use Yarbus a little. Today was not a very productive day (other than the wearable eye tracker and Yarbus part). Hopefully Susan and Jeff will be back so they could give us some work to do.

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