Friday, July 19, 2013

Day Ten

A fun day.......compared to the other days. I got a lot of work done, so I can call this a successful day. I organized and refined my research ideas, and now have to do the hard work of choosing one. Maybe Simran has a good idea and I could work with her. Maybe... we'll see what happens. Then when Susan came in we set up the eye tracker and started our experiment. All the Insight Lab interns got to stare at the screen and choose images they liked better. The rest of the interns will get to do that later....once we figure out when the lab is reserved. Anyways, today was Friday, so we had a barbecue. Then we played volleyball. It wasn't great because I forgot how to play for some reason. Now I have dark red spots on my hand. They kind of look scary, like I have something wrong with my hand, but I am sure they will go away quite soon. The rest of the day I spent working on T-Shirt design (apparently there are problems with the copyright of the Perry the Platypus). So now, we have the platypus with the prism. Oh, I almost forgot... my friends (Ellie and Acadia) came over today for a visit. It was the last day of their internship with some Chemistry professor. It was fun to see all of my other friends (and realize that we have to go school at the end of the summer.....). Well....time for the weekend...  :)

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