Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day Fourteen

My goal is to make sure I write out each number with it's actual long form (I have no idea if I stated that correctly!). Anyways, currently bored out of my mind because we have not been able to find Jeff for a while now. Simran and I did do a lot of work today. We organized our new research ideas, tested some more subjects and did some more surveys. The survey was fun to do (talk to random strangers!) and we found one good answer on our surveys. At this point I probably should stop talking about the surveys, but I can tell you that one person made me very excited! Now we need to find three more good people. Who knows when that will happen.... At lunch I found out that Mary Emma knows a little about fencing. She had a sword fight with Calvin (she was amazing!), and won. My respect for her rose greatly after that (it was high already when I found out that she is a beekeeper!).  Now I got to find a way to keep me busy for an hour while Susan tries to find Jeff... where ever he is.

Doesn't the hamburger just look good?

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  1. I'm hungry now, and the cookout isn't for another 45 minutes or so. Thanks a lot. (I dig the background though.)