Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day Thirteen

Brainstorming... Simran and I were not happy with our ideas, so we decided to find new ideas. That included talking about random stuff, looking up the most pointless things, and playing some ISpy games. Now our idea list is a lot bigger. Then Susan found us, and we talked a little. Apparently, Jeff is supposed to be in tomorrow... hopefully. After a really boring movie about patents, Simran and I tested some more people for Susan's experiment. Then we decided to do a survey. Can't tell you guys why we are running the survey, but I can tell you that it was fun going and talking to random people. The last guy we talked to was some old guy who told us interesting stuff about how he came here. Tomorrow Simran and I are planning to do some more surveys. Hopefully they bring is good results! They better.... or else...

*By the way, do you guys notice the new background (tomatoes)? I love tomatoes! So, cousins if you are reading this, you better laugh! I will quiz you about it!  :)

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