Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day Nine

Another research day... Simran and I finished the Excel data crunching (finally!). The rest of the day we spent researching, and playing on the SMI eye tracker. Unfortunately I can't talk much about the research or Susan's experiment because it might change the outcomes if the experiments. But I can tell you that Kate, Bethany, and some other lady were really helpful in the research. They showed us what type of research was done in the previous interns, and were to find useful information and ideas. Anyways, during lunch we decided to play Uno again. Yesterday Jake shuffled and dealed the cards in such a way that I was stuck with only green and yellow cards. As a result, I got the last place in the game. Today, Robert shuffeled the cards, and at one point I had like seven cards that all were green. But it wasn't that bad because I got something like 4th to last place. Also, Simran and I changed the T-Shirt design a little. 

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