Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day Seven

So...bootcamp started today. There was a lot of stuff that we learned, but it wasn't as stressful as I expected (and everybody said). Maybe it was just the first day. We basically took listened and took notes. Then we looked at some optical illusions and stuff like that. We were supposed to find the degree of something and Simran and I completely forgot basic math, so we were made fun of a bit. But it was more interesting than Excel spreadsheets, so it wasn't bad. Then we learned a little about the eye tracker device they have in a lab next door from Susan. After Susan left, we played around a little on the programs, getting to know how write an experiment and look at the data. Then we went back into our normal lab, did some Excel, played around in MatLab, and researched about our project. Tomorrow we are not sure what is going on. So we are planning on spending some time researching, helping Susan with her research, and learning more about MatLab. There is a lot of uncertainty in our group. (There is a reason why there is a "Where is Jeff?" sign on the door of our lab) :)

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